Coaching Team of Al Hilal Team

Team coach / Mr Cosmin Olaroiu

Name: Cosmin Olaroiu

Neck name: Olario

Date of birth: 10/09/1969

Nationality: Roman

Profession: professional football coach

Information about Coach

 Cosmin Olaroiu is one of the promising European coaches. He achieved a wide fame in Romania through his good tactics. Currently, he is training  one of the strongest Romanian clubs, which is FC Steaua Bucuresti  club. He also helped the team to reach quarter- finals in  Europe world cup championship and became out of the championship after his defeat by the English team. The coach has made many achievements as a coach in short time. He became a professional player for three years,  from 1997 to 2000 in Korea, in Suwon  Bluewings FC Club, and in Japan in JEF United Ichihara Club. He finished his sporting life as a player in 2000. Then he headed to the training in the Romanian clubs from 2000 until now.

Clubs and varsities has trained

Cosmin Olaroiu was a famous player in Roman and his  fame grew after his success.

As a coach

  • He started his football life as a player in the defence line in 1989. He played his first matches in the Roman league for premier clubs on 2/9/1992 with Progresul Bucharest Club.
  • He played with  Progresul Bucharest Club for three seasons, played 80 matches, and recorded 8 goals.
  • In 1995, he moved to Universitatea Craiova Team. He played 39 matches    and two matches in Europe Cup and recorded two goals.
  • He left Romania in 1997 to head to south Korea , playing for Samsung Blue Wings Team.
  • He started his life as a coach in 2000. In the second year, he lead his  Universitatea Craiova Team to the final match, but he lost the final against  Dinamo Bucharest Team, which won the championship.
  • He returned to his first team FC National as a coach, which he represented as a player, to be selected as the successor to coach Walter Zenga. 
  • In winter 2004, He was selected by the Romanian businessman Marian Iancu after he became the president of FCU Politehnica Club and he requested to contract with the coach Cosmin Olaroiu for training the team.
  • The coach Cosmin Olaroiu trained the team FC Steaua Bucuresti when his age was 37 years old. In Roman, he achieved the  League Championship, Super Cup  with the team in 2006 and was qualified to the quarter-finals of Europe Cup Championship after his defeat from  the English Middlebrough Team in a dramatic match.
  • In 23 August 2006 and after his achievement of Romania championships, he became the coach Cosmin Olaroiu, the first Romanian coach training in UEFA Champions League in a group included Real Madrid, Dynamo Kyiv and Lyon.

Coach Assistant/ Mr Abdu Latif Al-Hussaini 

Name: AbduLatif Al-Hussaini

Nick Name: Abdu Latif Al-Hussaini

Nationality: Saudi

Profession: Professional Football Coach


Biggest Achievements: The Leadership of Al-Shabab Club for reaching Tournament Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques League Championship, The Contract with Al-Hilal Club as a Coach Assistant, and Leadership of the Team in one of the matches as the Team Coach.

Next Match

29/10/2018 Mon - 08:00 pm

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zayed champions cup

Team Rank Pt's Played Det.
Al Hilal 1 16 6 Matches
Al Nasr 2 12 4 Matches
Al-Ahli 3 10 4 Matches
Al Shabab 4 8 5 Matches
Al Ittifaq 5 6 4 Matches
Team Rank Pt's Played Det.
Al Ahly 1 13 6 Matches
Al Hilal 2 13 6 Matches
Al Ittifaq 3 9 6 Matches
Alraed 4 0 6 Matches
Team Rank Pt's Played Det.
Al Hilal 1 14 6 Matches
ALADALH 2 9 6 Matches
Al Qadeseyyah 3 8 6 Matches
Al Shabab 4 3 6 Matches
5 Matches
Team Rank Pt's Played Det.
Al Ahly 1 13 6 Matches
Al Hilal 2 13 6 Matches
Al Ittifaq 3 9 6 Matches
Alraed 4 0 6 Matches
5 Matches

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